Periphery: Spideer

Personal project.

"Periphery" is a story about a man, the will to survive and a rebirth of the nature.

In the millennial year it came what everybody subconsciously expected - the last World War began, and it was named the Dirty War. No one known who shot the first rocket. It turned out that more countries were in possession of ABC weapons, than it was publicized, and the largest powers used unknown weapons of mass destruction. All major agglomerations have been razed to the ground and contaminated. Few people survived.

The planet couldn't get anything better. When a human, the worst known parasite, practically disappears, fauna and flora began to revive at a rapid rate. At the same time, as a result of contamination, new mutations and species emerged.

Several decades after the the Dirty War the Earth is completely different than before. Those who survived, join together and try to live on. Life blossom again at the periphery of the world.